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3 Tips for University Recruitment under Difficult Times

Coronavirus brought up opportunities and challenges for universities.

As any other crisis, the coronavirus has become a source of new innovations and alternatives in educational sector across the globe. This entails restating education systems and recruitment strategies. In this regard there are several alternatives for universities to get along with the crisis while reducing the impact of this to their numbers.

1. Redirect resources: Have you ever been in a crisis of any kind? Whenever you are immersed in a crisis you look for optimizing or secure your resources, either financial budgets, energy levels, health status, relationships, etc. Coronavirus crisis is not the exception, and then you need to reevaluate your budget distribution, your sales force aims and your overall marketing strategy. For example, as you won’t be able to attend to education fairs, it is a good alternative to reorient your budget for cheaper but still valuable virtual fairs, webinars, and digital marketing. Of course, these new strategies won’t necessarily bring you up with hundreds of hot leads, but still they will keep your brand on track and yet visible on the international university stage.

2. Broaden modalities of study: As nobody knows where will this crisis end up it is time to redefine the study modalities offered by universities, especially if your university is one focused on campus programs. This entails an opportunity more than a challenge itself since once online modalities became established universities will count with two or even three modalities for their programs, which will put on the table more market segments to be undertaken for coming years.

3. Expand network of local and regional partners: As most part of the world is closed up indefinitely, it is a good time to look for local partners, such as agents, agencies or representatives located in our traditional and also new markets. This is not only going to increase your chances to allocate your programs among more markets, but also do it at a very low cost given that your mobility and logistics costs are forcefully reduced. As the previous tip, this is one that you would eventually want apply from now on to coming years, even after the pandemic gets under control.

Of course, there will be more alternatives to come for the educational and other sectors, however, the faster you test and implement new strategies for your recruitment process, the faster and better results you could retrieve in the short and mid-terms.

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