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Tip to increase your University's market fit in Latam

Latam is a growing market for international universities.

More than never before, new generations are looking for life experiences rather than just isolated objectives such as education or a job. That's why the new trends in young people is to look more and more on objectives that also involve an integral experience such as travelling, meeting new people, learning new languages, obtaining new skills, etc.

When a latin american prospective student is looking for a study program in an international university, what he or she is pointing at is not just what your university is offering from an academic perspective, but also what complementary experiences you are offering them too in this package. Of course, the main motivation should be your academic offer, the modules, the university system, the university raking and so on; however, for undergraduate programs, this ends up to be more relevant for parents who are usually the ones who pay for your study programs. Notwithstanding, their children are the ones who at the end make the decision or influence their parents' decisions.

As any other purchase decision process, this also tends to be more emotional than logical, and if your markeging strategy includes this emotional component on your message, you can take for granted latin america is going to become in the mid-term a solid market for you.

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