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Coronavirus, an Agent for Change in World's Education Systems

Right, Coronavirus is not just a sanitary and health threat agent, but also a powerful changing agent for economies, societies, and of course educational systems across the world.

Schools, Colleges and Universities worldwide are experiencing shocks on their available resources, platforms and system for teaching students; therefore, they've seen themselves in the need to search for new or additional teaching systems for their students, as well as promoting their academic programs on both their local and international markets. For example, it's not surprising that many universities and high schools are using Zoom platform to teach their students in real time and even recording their classes for next intakes as using such platforms to promote their brand, programs and other academic offer by broadcasting live webinars.

Somebody already said change stands for the only certainty we humans have, and this applies for nature, our lives, governments, institutions, companies and their markets too. Consequently, this is great time to embrace change and find out new ways to make things, to innovate and to shake our own paradigms from the traditional lethargy we used to live and perform in any area.

Thus, this is a new opportunity to look for and research for new tools, then define one or some new strategies and implement them. Whereas evaluating the outcome of it, reconfiguring our strategy and relaunch our sharpened strategies.

Indeed, applying this to Universities, you are doing well in making fast changes into you teaching modality passing from a traditional on-campus to a not still very popular online modality with Zoom or other platforms. However, this is just the start and it is crucial you as educational sector server think about considering new options, some even maybe unorthodox, but today we are in a priceless period for doing experiments and testing new ideas both to teach and to recruit. Why don’t considering, for instance, making virtual study fairs or webinars for rural areas where traditional study fairs never used to arrive, now on quarantine believe it or not you are able to arrive anywhere faster and cheaper than without quarantine, just try to organize a webinar on India or Russia, I can tell you can organize, promote and do it within a week reaching sectors of the world you never reached before. Then, considering new options will enable you to reach new levels of recruitment you can even keep for long after this quarantine ends, of course those new practices you define that works for you.

Be fast, be effective... and be safe !!

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